Local Pasture-Raised Beef & Lamb

Explore our range of premium-quality, farm-fresh meats—each cut is an artisanal masterpiece, delivering succulent flavors that define gourmet excellence. Elevate your culinary experience with our ethically-sourced, juicy, and tender selections.

Premium Local Beef

We are committed to delivering the best grass-fed beef and lamb to your doorstep. From farm to table, we ensure that every step of the process meets the highest standards of quality and care. Order from us today and experience the difference that Grass King Cattle brings to your meals.

From Pasture to Your Plate

Our animals are raised on lush green pastures, free to roam and graze naturally. We believe that a stress-free environment and a natural diet result in healthier and more flavorful meat. With Grass King Cattle, you can trust that every bite is packed with the wholesome goodness of nature.

Shepherd's Choice Share, Grass-Finished


Lamb Lover's Share, Grass-Finished


Eighth Beef Share, Grain-Finished


Quarter Beef Share, Grain-Finished


The Way Your Beef Should Look

Ground beef with DNA from one animal raised on our family's ranch without any added colors or preservatives 




Industrial ground beef with DNA from thousands of individual animals

"As parents to two wonderful children, family values are at the core of everything we do. We strive to provide families like yours with the same high-quality meat that we serve at our own family gatherings."

Jim & Karen  Zezas

Grass King Cattle

About Us

Quality Animal Meats, Raised With a Love For Faith, Nature, and Community

At Grass King Cattle, we take pride in our rich heritage. Our ranch has been in our family for over a hundred years, passed down from generation to generation. When you choose our meat, you're not just getting high-quality products—you're also supporting a long-standing tradition of excellence.

Ranch-Raised Beef vs. Industrial Beef

Our cattle are raised the way they were decades and decades ago, as nature intended: out on open pasture. Our beef is finished with the highest-quality grain to ensure that the best product reaches your family's dinner table. All our beef is single-animal sourced, meaning the beef you get from us contains meat from one single animal, unlike industrially-processed ground beef that can contain the DNA of thousands of individuals from varying origins.

How They Compare

Grass King Cattle

Industrial Beef

100% USA beef 

Raised without added hormones

Meat contains DNA from a single animal 

Nothing added to increase "shelf appeal"

Why Buy Local Meat?

Due to current laws since the repeal of COOL (country of origin labeling) in 2015, beef and pork that is imported from other countries and processed here can be labeled "product of USA".  So where is that cheaper meat at the store really from? What safety and environmental standards was it produced under? As a consumer, buying industrially-processed meat means you have no control over these uncertainties. By purchasing local meat, you ensure that the meat you and your family enjoy is raised locally using all-natural, healthy processes.


Bulk Beef Chart

Share Size

Whole sHARE

1/2 sHARE

1/4 sHARE

Total Beef




Ground Beef




Premium Steaks

(Ribeye, Filets, NY Strip, Ext.)




Savory Cuts 

(Roast, Ribs, Ext.)




Freezer Space

10-14 Cubic FT.

6-8 Cubic Ft.

4-5 cubic ft.

How long will it last? (Family of 2)

1 Year+

6 Months - 1 year

3 - 6 Months

How long will it last? (Family of 4+)

6 Months - 1 Year

3 - 6 Months

1 - 3 Months


Secure Bulk Meat & Save

Buying Grass King Cattle meat in our bulk shares is the best way to guarantee you have your favorite cuts stocked in your freezer all year long. 

Make Mealtime a Breeze

With a variety of cuts packaged and vacuum-sealed, make mealtime a breeze and something the whole family will enjoy. 


What is so special about your meat?

Our cattle are pasture-raised, which means they roam free and graze for most of their lives, like nature intended. Before processing, they are converted to a special grain feed mix for maximum nutrition, quality, and flavor.

What does "responsibly-raised" mean?

We raise our cattle with the same care and attention that we would want anyone else to take with the food that would be served at our family dinner table.

Do you use antibiotics or hormones?

We never use "growth hormones" in our herd, while antibiotics are used only for life-saving measures in our herd.

How do we order beef? 

You can secure your Grass King Cattle beef by making an order online and paying your deposit to secure your share.

How do we get our beef? 

Once you successfully place your order, we'll be in touch with you to arrange shipping logistics.

Do you have other products besides beef?

Yes! In addition to our all-natural beef, we also have all-natural lamb.

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