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Gain-finished beef hamburger bundle. Indulge in the ultimate burger experience with our Grain Finished Burger bundle.

Crafted from ranch-finished beef, these burgers not only deliver a mouthwatering taste but also offer remarkable health benefits.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of grocery store meat. With our bundle, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a supply of fresh, high-quality meat conveniently stored in your freezer. Elevate your burger game and savor the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you're eating. This is a 10 lb. bundle, we will offer it in 20lb. and 40 lb. This beef is raised on an all-grass diet until the last 90 to 120 days where we finish with our special grain and corn mix along with our own hay grown here on the ranch. the price for the 10 lb. bundle is $10.99 per lb. 20lb bundle is $10.49 per lb. and 40lb bundle is $9.99 per lb. ( if it is easier you could just put the price of the bundle example 10lb x $10.99 = $109.90 and just use the total for the 20 and 40 lb variants with this grain finished bundle and the grass finished burger bundle.)